About Kenai Writers

The germ of this page started in a comment or two from members of the Kenai Writers Group. Summers in Alaska are busy and short. Sometimes it is hard to squeeze in just one more meeting. Winters are long and dark, which sometimes makes it hard for people to be on the road at night to attend meetings. Whatever the reason might be, it is just hard for folks to get out and about.


Thus the thought - why not an email list for us to share our work? Hey, why not a forum! And, so, kenaiwriter.net was born.


This is a place for writers to try out their latest work on other writers, to get feedback, to get critique (if wanted), to share frustrations and hopes and triumphs.


You don't have to live in Kenai to be a member of the forum. You are welcome to join in and to share with us, no matter your genre.


We welcome you - and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.